simple. pure. delicious.

We take life with a grain of salt, but we take sugar seriously.

3 simple ingredients...

...then dipped in...

...& sprinkled with...

Handcrafted, high-quality toffee, made in Michigan with pure love
Aww. Yep, we know... blah, blah...
But it really is some tasty stuff, so here's our story:

There is no grandmother or distant aunt from the 18th century behind our toffee recipe.

Around 2009, Heidi Paterson (owner of The Toffee Store) decided to create an elegant take on a classic treat starting with the finest and freshest ingredients. She ended up with a purely decadent confection.

As a Type 1 Diabetic for 32 years, she wanted the perfect toffee thickness, a balanced ratio of chocolate to toffee, and satisfaction from quality, not quantity (for those carb counting....).

Through trial and error, she created the perfect batch - having a delicate balance between a smooth buttery flavor and a gentle crunch that melts in your mouth after the first decadent bite.

All of our toffee is made in small batches with Michigan Cane Sugar, Dairy fresh butter and pure Vanilla. The "Birthday Suit Toffee" is all by itself;  there is no chocolate to peel off for recipes.  For our "EnrobedToffee", we dip each piece individually in Clinton Township's Sander's/Morley chocolate, and our "Signature Toffee" gets finished off with Grand Rapids' Ferris Nuts roasted pecans.

Our toffee is carefully inspected at least 5  times throughout the creation process to ensure every batch / every piece meets our strict quality standards. Our entire toffee line is gluten-free, so just about everyone in the world can enjoy a piece of The Toffee Store toffee... what are you waiting for?!

You know you want some.

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Packaging is FDA approved. Our commercial kitchen is Dept. of Health certified and our processes are inspected and approved by the M.D.A. (Michigan Department of Agriculture). We're registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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